Mania Czyczyszczości Cleaning Service is a modern, friendly and dynamically developing cleaning company.

A qualified team takes care of the satisfaction and comfort of our customers. Gained experience and skills allow us to provide a professional cleaning service.

We address our offer to individuals, business owners, housing cooperatives, building managers, and all those for whom cleanliness, order and tidiness are the basis for functioning. We clean flats, single-family houses, blocks of flats, offices, utility premises, communication routes, apartments for rent.

We provide single-off or cyclic cleaning services, such as window cleaning, ironing service, maintaining order in external areas, cleaning and maintaining of graves.

The headquarters of our cleaning company is located in Piaseczno, but the area of activity includes also other locations belonging to the municipalities of Piaseczno and Lesznowola and the southern districts of Warsaw (Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów).

Cooperation with Mania Czystości Cleaning Service gives you the certainty that cleaning will be carried out in a timely and reliable manner. We guarantee high quality cleaning services at competitive prices.

For our work, we use professional and safe cleaning agents which we adapt to the needs of our customers and we use specialized equipment of high quality.

Aiming at the safety of our customers, our company has the civil liability insurance for the property entrusted to us.

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